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Step off the edge and enjoy adventure, excitement, adrenalin and a little outdoor time. Abseiling provides the ultimate vertical adventure whilst enjoying a relaxed yet breathtaking journey down magnificent crags. Rapp jumping is abseiling with an extra kick, the ropes are attached to your back and you head down facing the ground.
aj1aAbseiling and rap jumping provides a double exhilaration, adrenalin rush with serene and breathtaking views.

If you’re a water baby keen for cruising rivers whilst tackling rapids, white water rafting may be your niche. An inflatable raft carries you down the river, keeping you afloat or somewhat depending on your paddling skills! The rapids are graded in terms of difficulty and range from grade 1 to grade 6.

Grade one rapids are small and petite, requiring a basic skill level perfect for beginners. The grades gradually develop in difficulty. Grade 6 is for the more professional rafters with dangerous rapids which are difficult to navigate.

Ever thought of having a pure rush of adrenalin seeping through your body as you embark on a voyage of speed and thrill? Sand boarding is an adventurous excursion similar to that of snowboarding but rather than skiing down snow topped hills, sand boarding provides cruising down sand covered dunes, negotiating hills and enduring the ecstasy the outdoors brings.

For those who wish to surrender to tranquillity, consider safari breakfast hot air ballooning or hot air balloon classic flight. The hot air balloon hovers gently above the tree tops, providing a magnificent endeavour. This incredible adventure is completely indescribable.

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